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How are you working hard to get rid of that mommy's belly? Is stubborn belly fat ruining your sexy hourglass figure? Then here is your chance to destroy stubborn fat and reshape your body, revealing your natural shape. Shrink is our custom blend of natural herbs, clays, and superfoods that work with our proprietary thermogenic blend absorbed into the skin and helps the body shrink fat cells in the targeted area. Not only can this wrap be used on the abdomen, arms, legs, and any other problem area. Shrink can also use body Wrapping to help tighten loose skin on the face and neck if you are dealing with swelling in your legs and feet. This wrap will help to ease the swelling and give your feet and legs some relief. Lose inches in just a few hours and fit perfectly in that wedding dress. Not only will you lose inches in a few hours, but you will continue to lose inches in between uses if you follow the recommended plan. 

The ingredients are all-natural, and one bottle goes a long way. 

The shrink comes with one bottle of concentrated solution, Four body wrapping cloths, and one Shrink Journal to chart your inch and weight loss. 

Our Body wrapping solution contains these main ingredients:

Greenleaf Thermogenic Fat Burning Complex: This unique blend of herbs and superfoods helps the body burn fat even after the wrap session is complete. Our complex will also help to restore skin's youth.

Calcium Bentonite Clay: Helps to remove toxins from the body through the skin.

Pink Salt: Revives and nourishes the skin.

Turmeric: Anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant.

Moringa: Improves blood circulation and is an anti-inflammatory

Lecithin: Fat burner

Irish Moss: Speeds up weight loss

Shrink is an excellent addition to your weight loss plan. Reach your goals and train your body into the shape that you can't wait to show off.