Hibiscus Rice Water w/ Fenugreek

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As you learn more you do better. When I had my first daughter, I did as my mother did with me, despite her hesitation. When I became of age, my mother stopped hot combing my hair and because of my persistent demands, permed my hair. Of course, my mother's natural instincts were correct. My scalp and hair hated the creamy crack and my long beautiful hair became damaged. It took years for me to come off of the perm addiction, and to make matters worse. I fell into the same scenario as my mother, when my oldest daughter wanted her hair permed. However, eventually, we were woken up. My oldest got us both off the creamy crack and on the road to naturally beautiful hair. So when my youngest daughter came along, she now has a mom who knows better and is teaching her to love her natural curls and kinks. This is the reason why I have created Hibiscus rice water along with all of my hair care products. We firmly believe that everything our body needs for health and beauty is right here on earth and many times easily within our reach. 
Hibiscus is the flower of Jamaica but has been used for centuries throughout the Caribbean. It has also been nicknamed "The Botox Plant" because the properties this amazing flower possesses defy the aging process. It's great to drink as tea or juice daily. But, we are not here to talk about the internal benefits of taking hibiscus. The focus is our hair. The amazing benefits of using Greenleaf's Hibiscus Rice Water spray helps with growth, thickens, and adds volume. It stops hair loss helps prevent split ends, prevents premature greying, breakage, and conditions hair. It is also great for fighting dandruff. Of course, we had to take it to another level by adding additional herbs that the hair loves.
Directions: Spray on scalp and through down to tips and massage into hair. Style as usual. Can also be used in braided hair, when spraying it on braided hair focus on your scalp.
This product comes in an 8oz spray bottle.
Below are images of the rice waters we have used over the years and the results.