Belly Slimming Patch Abdominal Patch Fat Burning Health Care

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 The materials of this product are moxa sticks, Chinese prickly ash, and longan, which are not available for those who are allergic to the above materials;2. Due to transportation requirements, the medicine cannot be delivered, so the packing list does not include pills4. Please keep using it for about 8 hours each time;5. Not suitable for the crowd: pregnant women, lactating women, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes patients6. Warm reminder: This product can be used by men, women children, and women during menstruation. Pay attention to keeping warm when using, and eat less cold, spicy food and drinks. This product is cut for external use. Do not take it orally.

Say goodbye to pills and hello to a more natural way of burning fat with our Belly Slimming Patch. Made with effective ingredients, this patch targets abdominal fat to help slim and tone your midsection. No more worrying about pills, just let our patch do the work for you.