Butterfly Pea Tea

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Not only is this tea beautiful. The taste is delicate and refreshing. However, the best part about this tea is what it does to your body. Here are the 17 or maybe more benefits of drinking Butterfly Pea Tea daily.

1. Fights cancer and tumors
2. Contains Cyclotides which help protect the body from HIV
3. Fights Diabetes & helps to get rid of visceral fat
4. Fights depression
5. Shortens the length of colds and helps with asthma
6. It's an anti-inflammatory and immune booster
7. Reduces stress and anxiety
8. Relives pain and swelling
9. Lowers Blood Pressure
10. Balances the health of your bladder
11. Supports cognitive function
12. A female aphrodisiac
13. stops white vaginal discharge
14. Reduces grey hair
15. Promotes Hair Growth
16. Increase Blood Flow to the eyes helps with many eye issues.
17. Your skin will love you; this tea, Butterfly Pea Tea, rejuvenates the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin. Slows signs of aging, especially wrinkles. 

18. Also great for HIV. Contains cyclotides that give an anti-HIV benefit. 

One package contains 12 teabags. One tea bag makes one gallon. Sweeten to taste and add a splash of lemon or limes.