Imperial Rice Water

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Fast hair growth
Stronger strands
Thicker Hair
Softer Hair
Hair becomes easier to detangle, causing less breakage.
Hair Drys faster with continued use.
Healthier Hair
Less Breakage
Fewer Split ends
Shampoo not needed
Conditioner optional
Natural Hair Detox


Every three days you will use this rinse in your hair.
Step 1. Pour some of the Imperial Rice Water into a cup. You will pour the rinse slowly on your head slowly. The goal is to saturate your hair without wasting too much product.

Step 2. Massage scalp and smooth through to the ends of your hair for five minutes.

Step 3. Allow the Imperial Rice Water to sit on your hair for at least 20 mins. You can leave it in for longer.

Step 4. Rinse (Conditioner is optional) Do not Shampoo your hair.

Ingredients: Black Rice water, Fenugreek, MSM, Greenleaf's Proprietary blend of herbs.

The 32oz of Imperial Rice water should last for three to four weeks, depending on hair length.